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Fruitful Office is the UK's #1 office fruit delivery company. We deliver delicious fresh fruit to over 1,500 workplaces each week

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As a specialist provider of high quality fruit to offices, you can be guaranteed of an efficient and reliable service that is convenient to you, and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Over 99% of our fruit basket is eco-friendly, and we are working on the remaining 1%

transparent wrapping
biodegradable and protects fruit
wicker basket
re-used for next delivery
paper lining
recycled paper
fresh fruit
eaten each week
basket tag
recycled paper
fruitful office basket
We use local teams to deliver local fruit throughout the UK

We have a simple aim: to improve quality of life at work through regular deliveries of high quality seasonal fresh fruit.

We deliver our baskets directly to your workplace floor, helping you to promote a healthier work environment. Our service is designed to be simple, hassle-free, and ecologically friendly. Our primary focus is on quality: we monitor the quality from purchasing, through packing, to delivery.