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May 21, 2014

Fruit Buyer’s Report | Fruitful Office May 2014

Dear All, 

It is a relief that spring is now clearly upon us and we are able to enter the berry season. The health benefits of berries are well documented - they are high in fibre, high in vitamins and minerals, and high in antioxidants which help to prevent the harmful action of free radicals.

  • Berries. So far this season we have already bought strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. We have not yet been impressed with the taste of the strawberries, so will be waiting a bit for the season to progress (sweetness in all fruit varieties improves as its season progresses). For raspberries look out for the Tulameen variety for optimal size and sweetness. In terms of countries focus on the UK first and Holland second. Spanish strawberries will become plentiful and competitively priced - but you have to choose carefully.
  •  Kiwi fruit. Although you can find kiwi fruit all year, they are currently seasonally available from Europe. They include about as much potassium as bananas, tons of vitamin C, and Vitamin E (particularly good for your skin). The best choice is the Hayward variety from Italy. Spifes are great for eating Kiwi, they are a cross between a "spoon" and a "knife"!
  •  Pears. It is fairly late-season but Conference pears out of Belgium are still eating very well - they are extremely juicy, sweet and ripen properly.
  • Other summer varieties like peaches and plums. It is still very early season for peaches and plums, so we have chosen to wait a few weeks before buying them. They are available but taste is sharp, they are generally rock-hard (and don't ripen properly or consistently) and don't look great. Hold off on them for a couple more weeks.

Enjoy the warmer weather everyone and eat fruit. Eating lots of fruit helps you keep hydrated in warmer weather which in turn will make you feel physically better.

Fruitful Office team

Fruit Buyer’s Report | Fruitful Office May 2014