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March 22, 2018

Here’s what fresh fruit can do for your workday

We all know that it’s important to eat enough fruit. But how can your favorite healthy snack help you to improve your performance and keep your spirits high? Here we focus on particular attributes of different types of fruit to help you get through a strenuous day at the office. Read on to learn six healthy benefits of fresh fruit:

#1 Stressed? Eat a banana

During stressful moments, do you tend to reach for the biscuit tin or a chocolate bar? Instead, why don’t you try something that’s both healthy and stress-reducing? Grab a banana! Bananas contain nutrients like vitamin B6, which supports the functioning of the nervous system and helps you to perform better. Bananas are also rich in potassium, a mineral that keeps your blood pressure in check and has a stress-reducing effect.

#2 Get an energy boost from grapes

Do you feel a 4pm slump coming on? Then you could probably use a little extra energy! A handful of grapes is just the thing. These natural energy bombs bursting with ‘good sugars’ contain a lot of dietary fibre and antioxidants that provide you with a healthy energy boost. The dietary fibres also ensure that your body can break down the sugars. These ‘good sugars’ are an entirely different story from the ‘bad sugars’ found in soft drinks or sweets. Your body has more trouble breaking those down, so even though you may get a brief energy surge, after a while you’ll crash. In short: grab a bunch of grapes for that healthy energy boost. We’ve got both red and white grapes in our range. Yum!

#3 An apple a day...

Do you tend to suffer from headaches or dizziness? You could be low in fluids. Fatigue and irritability are also symptoms of dehydration. The solution? Eat an apple! A medium-sized apple contains around 5.5 oz of water and helps you maintain a healthy balance of bodily fluids. Staying properly hydrated will help keep your brain working fast and well. Having a bottle of water along with that apple will kick your productivity up an extra notch.

#4 Feeling tired? Tangerines will help!

Vitamin C contributes to a healthy immune system. Citrus fruits in particular, such as oranges and tangerines, contain this vitamin in spades, which means they also help against fatigue. This is because vitamin C enhances iron uptake, and iron ensures that your blood transports enough oxygen around your body. The more oxygen in your blood, the less fatigued you’ll feel!

#5 Beat the cravings: eat a pear

Did you know that eating a pear once in a while is great for reducing cravings? The healthy carbohydrates in pears contain lots of dietary fibre. Your body needs to work harder to absorb these carbohydrates to use them as energy, and can therefore benefit from them for longer. Furthermore, the glucose and fructose in pears give you an extra energy kick. The result: fewer cravings and a significant energy boost.

#6 Plums are good for your mood

Feeling grumpy? A plum will work wonders. This fruit contains serotonin, an important neurotransmitter that improves both your mood and your memory. Just what you need to get you through a long day at the office. Don’t be a sour grape – grab a plum. You’ll find them in our baskets during the spring and summer months.

Hungry for more fruit facts? These tips will help you to boost your performance and keep your energy up. What are you waiting for? Order your fruit basket here!