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July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday February 2006

Before Fruitful Office was launched we decided to take some product photos for our website or other marketing materials.

See on the right a photo of one of our first attempts ... not great, right?! Well, taking photos on a shoestring is no easy task: we borrowed an office, we borrowed a camera and we prepared one of our prototype baskets for the shoot. However, after several attempts the photo below is the best we could come up with! We learnt an important lesson this day: taking great photos is easier said than done. The lighting is crucial and so is the presentation of the fruit. A good photo requires expertise, time and good equipment.

It won't come to a surprise to you that we ultimately never used the photo below.

Throughout our history we have gotten better at taking photos of our product - it helps that we are able to afford a professional photographer. But expense is still no guarantee of results, and we have learnt through practice the ins-and-outs of taking great office fruit photos. That, of course, will remain one of our secrets.

Throwback Thursday  February 2006