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  • (1) Basket service only: the Baskets are the property of Fruitful Office Ltd. We will rotate the Baskets each time we deliver - if a Basket is damaged or goes missing, there is a replacement fee of £5.00 per FULL Basket or £2.50 per HALF Basket. Each time our delivery team collects the empty Baskets ("empties") they note down the number of empties received (from the previous delivery). We then regularly monitor the empties received from each client to ensure they are being accounted for.
  • (2) Each week, the fruit mix is created by our fruit specialists who visit and monitor the fruit markets on a daily basis in search of the highest-quality produce which is ripe, tasty and in season. The fruit mix therefore varies throughout the year.

Essentials Mix Basket/Box: we commit to providing 4 different fruit varieties at any point throughout the year, and approximately 40/48 portions of fruit in a FULL Basket/Box and 20/24 portions of fruit in a HALF Basket/Box.

Seasonal Mix Basket/Box: we commit to providing at least 5 different fruit varieties at any point throughout the year, and approximately 45/48 portions of fruit in a FULL Basket/Box and 23/24 portions in a HALF Basket/Box. During certain periods there will be more than 5 varieties of fruit, in particular during the summer months.

Please note that we cannot tailor Baskets or Boxes to individual client needs.

  • (3) Our fresh fruit is selected, ripened and guaranteed to last up to 2 days in your office at an ambient temperature (between 15-20 degrees centigrade). If the temperature in your office is higher or lower than this range, this can have an impact on the quality of the fruit.
  • (4) 100% Fruitful Guarantee: if any piece of fruit is not to your satisfaction you will not be charged for it. This guarantee covers the specific fruit affected by the quality issue you experienced and you must contact us within 24 hours of the incident. A credit note will be raised for the value of the fruit affected.
  • (5) If you have carried out a trial period, please note this is a paid trial: after your 2-week trial we will send you an invoice. If you continue with our service after the 2-week trial (which we are sure you will!), you will join our monthly invoicing cycle.
  • (6) As part of the monthly invoicing cycle, we invoice monthly in advance, at the beginning of each month. Payment is due within 8 days of the invoice date. Our invoices are sent out by email in PDF format to minimise paper print-outs.
  • (7) For order alterations please email our Customer Service team. If you decide to alter your order we can easily do this for you but we need to know by 3.00pm the day before your order arrives for Basket service or 11.00am two days before your order arrives for Box service. Order alterations are reflected in the following month's invoice.
  • (8) If you opt to stop the deliveries after a calendar month has started, you must complete deliveries until the end of the calendar month which has started.
  • (9) We do not deliver on bank holidays or during the Christmas period, when most people are out of the office (this is typically from about the 22nd December to after the New Year).
  • (10) Please note that we reserve the right to increase the price per fruit Basket/Box in the future. This will occur when there is an increase in our costs (fruit costs, staff wages and fuel costs). We will inform you in advance of such a change.
  • (11) Your data is important to us. We will process your data according to our Privacy Notice which you can review here.
  • (12) The Fruitful Office terms and conditions will remain applicable during and after the trial period, and until the service is terminated and all invoices settled.

We hope you enjoy the fresh fruit.