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Tackle the work-from-home challenges: distancing, loss of sense of corporate belonging, less team cohesion, less collaboration, stress, uncertainty anxiety, unhealthy eating, time management challenges

Make WFH an extension of your company
  • Healthy staff working from home = happy and productive teams
  • Engages your staff with company brand values: reminds staff that the company values them and their efforts
  • Cost effective - fits your budget
  • Staff decide what, where and when to receive products
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Hassle-free company set-up
  • No day-to-day management needed by the employer

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Healthy body
  • Regular fruit or raw snacking for your staff’s home office (individual size)
  • Promotes healthy eating at the home office
  • Your company’s name/logo in each box
  • Staff use a personal online area to schedule deliveries
Healthy mind
  • Regular LIVE 15 minute guided breathing and mindfulness training sessions, your staff can participate in, at their home-desk
  • Helps to reboot, relieve stress, reduce anxiety, increase mental clarity and energize
  • LIVE sessions maximise participation and sense of community
  • Learn more, including why live?
In partnership with:
Bespoke 'team cohesion'
  • A dedicated program to suit your needs, including company-only mindfulness sessions and dedicated marketing