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October 5, 2017

Fruit Buyer’s Report | Fruitful Office Autumn 2017


Dear All,

Autumn is once again upon us, and with it comes changing fruit varieties. We say goodbye to berries, to peaches and to nectarines, but there is plenty to look forward to:

  • English apples

We love English apples – they are crunchy and sweet! Most of our English apples are sourced from Kent, traditionally known as “The Garden of England”. The first variety to arrive is Royal Gala, and their quality and availability is increasing each week. The crunchy Braeburn will follow in a few weeks – so a lot to look forward to!

  • Easy peelers

With the colder climate comes our increased vulnerability to the common cold and flu. Protect yourself by eating plenty of citrus fruit, well known for their abundance of Vitamin C – critical for your immune system by acting as an anti-viral agent. Satsumas are upon us and although their appearance is still a bit on the yellow side, this will improve week-on-week. Taste-wise they are fresh and juicy.

  • Pears

Pears are high in dietary fibre which helps your digestive system and offers protection against colon cancer. They are also low in calories, providing just 58 calories per 100g. We are currently running with Conference Pears which are normally sweet and juicy.

  • Other varieties in our seasonal mix baskets

Figs: their season is short but ran with them whilst it lasted. They are one of the highest plant sources of calcium and fibre.

Kaki Fruit: were often cited as “food for the gods” in ancient times. Kaki are high in antioxidants and has been shown to protect against heart disease.

Ya Pear: contains about 87% water and various kinds of vitamins. The Chinese use it for moisturizing dryness in the lungs!

Stay healthy everyone.

Fruitful Office team

Fruit Buyer’s Report | Fruitful Office Autumn 2017