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At Fruitful Office we are committed

to continuously improving our environmental credentials as we grow
ECO-BASKET fruit delivery service
  • Over 99% of our fruit basket is biodegradable or recyclable, and we are working on the remaining 1%:
    • Fresh fruit - eaten each week
    • Wicker basket - re-used for next delivery
    • Transparent wrapping - biodegradable (made from corn starch) and protects fruit
    • Basket tag - recycled paper
    • Paper lining - recycled paper
  • Eco-friendly rotation of baskets: On each delivery day we deliver FULL baskets and collect the EMPTY baskets to re-use them. This avoids packaging waste with each delivery
  • Eco-Route Delivery (ERD) system: We operate an eco-friendly delivery route system that focuses on minimising the duplication of van routes
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We are proud to run a fruit tree-planting campaign: for every fruit basket we sell - we plant 1 fruit tree. This helps to mitigate the effects of global warming, deforestation and provides an income support to local communities in Malawi, Africa. Every 3 months we send our clients an update of how many trees their team has planted.

Many clients consider this a welcome addition to their CSR strategy.

Supporting our local COMMUNITY

Our forward purchasing and strict quality check processes result in a certain amount of excess fruit each week which we, in turn, repackage and provide to various local and charitable groups such as Battersea Zoo, Bristol Zoo and less privileged nursery and primary schools.

London: St Mary’s pre-school, St Ann’s Nursery, Battersea Zoo; Southwest: St Paul’s Nursery, Bristol Food Bank, Bristol Zoo; Midlands: Sifa Fireside charity; North: Lalley Centre; Scotland: Acredyke Nursery, Glasgow City Mission.

FRUIT sourcing
  • We source approximately 60% of our fruit from the UK and Western Europe to support local farmers and minimize fuel emissions from long-haul transportation. Please remember that certain fruits such as bananas cannot grow in Europe
  • We never buy air-freighted produce
Warehouse recycling and office policy
  • When we buy our fresh fruit, it arrives packaged in cardboard boxes on pallets. We recycle all cardboard and plastic waste, meaning minimal waste to landfills
  • Minimising paper print-outs at Fruitful Office. This includes sending out our monthly invoices to our clients electronically in pdf. format. Waste separation at our Fruitful Office recycling station